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Woman Loves Ordering From Amazon So Much That Her Husband Gifted Her A Big Amazon Package Shaped Birthday Cake

A Photographer and mother of three, Emily McGuire acknowledged she’s a proud Amazon shopper and revealed that she received an average of two to three ‘lovely brown Amazon boxes every week and gets lightheaded at times. Emily has even been known to irregularly hide few from her husband, named Waylon.

And while Waylon is aware of his wife’s weekly routine, when Emily’s birthday was approaching, he had a perfect idea. And to surprise his wife, he ordered for a customized cake from a bakery and request it looks like one of Emily’s beloved Amazon Packages.

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The Customized Creation reached Emily door and it appeared very much like one of her weekly orders. It came with a complete, personalized shipping label and an Amazon Prime Tape!

Emily McGuire

The cake, which looks all serious at first glance, was baked by the very talented team at the Sweet Dreams Bakery in Dunn, North Carolina. They didn’t, however, disappoint.

‘It was delicious! Emily explained.

When she first sighted the cake, Emily said her response was all to smile.

Emily McGuire

“In the very moment, I knew my husband got me,’ Emily explained.

He certainly did. And apparently, thousands of other women across the internet were wowed by Waylon action.

After Emily shared the photos of the cake online, it was picked by popular Facebook pages and did get viral. It has garnered thousands of likes, comments, and shares. Many of which, however, came from other fellow mom.

“I sincerely need this. I have a package coming every day this week and two before 31st,” one woman wrote.

Another added: “ The cake has my name written all over it!”

Accordingly, Emily admits the cake’s viral fame took her by surprise

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