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AMC’s Movie Subscription Program Reaches 800K Member Landmark


AMC’s Movie Subscription Program Reaches 800K Member Landmark

No. 1 movie ticket subscription in NA.

As an alternative to MoviePass, the AMC Theater Monthly Movie ticket subscription program currently has more than 800,000 members after accumulating an additional 200,000 new customers since the beginning of the year.

Claiming to be the No I movie workable subscription service in North America, AMC allows movie lover to watch up to three movies in every available AMC format and Showtime to including Dolby Cinema, RealD 3D, Prime and Imax at AMC Venues.

Similarly, their Stub A-List customers also enjoy benefits and discounts like, free refills on large popcorn, free upgrades on popcorn and soda, express service at the box office, no online ticketing fees and concession stand.

Competitors – Any Dwindling

Yes, other subscription service provider like Sinemia are collapsing their U.S. movie subscription service, MoviePass parent Matheson and Helios are seriously undergoing a cash crisis and nose dive in its share price since it had offer as much as 30 tickets a month for a price of one. This gives AMC an edge over them.

Never Stopping, More Tactics

Nevertheless, with it rivalry Cinemark’s Movie Club still thriving alongside AMC’s A-List Stubs Program, the cinema subscription services is still very much booming most especially as it is targeting very frequent cinema goers in the United States.

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