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Android Tablet Is Still Alive – Samsung Just Announced Galaxy Tab S6


Android Tablet Is Still Alive – Samsung Just Announced Galaxy Tab S6

They are not yet done.

Apple may have done very poorly with their iPhone XR as Ice Universe recently leaked a picture that shows the phone. There’s no saving for that one, but Apple has not disappointed people with their iPad Pro. It has a beautiful, crisp and smooth screen, a powerful processor that supports heavy multitasking and has become the preference of many businessmen, gamers, and artists.

What has Android offer in the field of the tablet, though? So far, none was able to remain on par with the newest iPad Pro and most brands have given up the fight.

But not Samsung. (Well, they did skip on Galaxy Tab S5 and only released a ‘lite’ S5e) But now they have returned and announced the Galaxy Tab S6.

The first clear feature they are definitely taking into consideration is the S-Pen, which follows what Note 9 did. A little advantage here is that the S-pen is included in the box when you purchase the tablet, while it costs $129 for Apple Pencil 2. We’ll get more into this later.

Screen. S6 features 10.5″ Super AMOLED Display with bezel and design that practically looks similar to Apple’s. Additionally, it also supports Dolby Atmos which makes watching movies on the tab better.

Processor. It’s powered by Snapdragon 855 or Exynos 9610, a huge improvement from S4 and definitely something that follows what people has always loved about iPad Pro: powerful. Add to this 8GB of RAM and you’ll have a tablet ready to work as your computer which leads to the next feature.

Samsung Dex. The new Book Cover Keyboard allows users to transform their tablet into a laptop which definitely makes working on whatever it is easier. It even comes with a touchpad and a free angle stand. But it’s a separate accessory that costs $180 each.

On-screen fingerprint is added to Tab S6 which is definitely new in a tablet.

7,040mAh battery lasts the tablet up to 15 hours of video playback and supports POGO charging (which is sold separately). Can charge through its USB-C for fast charging.

It’s also got dual cameras on the back and one front camera but let’s be honest – we leave excellent camera development to smartphones. Nobody wants to carry their tablet around just to take pictures.

Interesting facts about the S-pen is that it’s being placed behind the tab like you can see below on two out of three different colors the tab is available in:

A subtle indent is made for the S-pen and it also operates on battery which charges to full in 10 minutes once attached. Yes, it charges on wireless from your tablet and will last about 10 hours on standby mode. The S-pen also keeps fancy features like songs playback and picture-taking.

Do they look weird? Yes. Will, that actually put users into more risk of losing the S-Pen or accidentally bumping them when placed on a surface? Probably. Does it rely on the only magnet? Doesn’t look like it has anything attached to it, so yes.

The keyboard cover does have a flap that secures the pen, but that means adding $180 to your tablet. Meanwhile, an 8GB/256GB model costs you $730 already ($650 for the 6GB/128GB model). They do sell a book cover that is not a keyboard version, so maybe most people we get that instead.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 competing with Apple iPad Pro.
Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 competing with Apple iPad Pro.

What do you think? At that price and with this feature, does Android tablet still have a chance to stand against Apple?

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