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iPhone Owners Don’t Know Whether Their Devices Are Capable Of 5G, Survey Shows


iPhone Owners Don’t Know Whether Their Devices Are Capable Of 5G, Survey Shows

You probably don’t know yourself.

Question: Do you know if your iPhone is capable of 5G? Assuming you still remember the model and iOS your iPhone is working on, there’s a very high probability that you don’t know at all.

Source: Apple

Apple was easily an exclusive manufacturer, selling iPhones with a stark contrast to others. Approximately a decade ago, you can notice if someone is holding an Apple handset in their hands from 10-30 m away. But now? It’s literally impossible for anyone to recognize if the phone is a genuine Apple product or simply a copycat of other brands (Oppo F1 Plus, anyone remembers?).

A survey conducted on about 2,000 smartphone owners in the US by Decluttr is to find whether they are conscious of what their smartphone is capable of. If you are not a techie, but just another iPhone owner, you might actually see yourself in this survey. If you are a techie, you can feel proud of knowing things about others’ smartphones when it’s literally in the manual book (that no one reads).

“Yeah, I think my iPhone supports 5G.”

Source: Decluttr

If that’s what you think, congratulations, you are part of the ‘5G As A State of Mind’ club. No iPhones released so far is supported for 5G connection, so even if your area has it, it won’t boost your connection in any form. About a quarter of those who think their iPhone support 5G are Verizon customers and 44% of them are AT&T customers.

Meanwhile, Samsung S10 5G, as the name implies, does support 5G connection, so the chart isn’t so bad at all.

“This isn’t my pho- Oh, wait…”

Source: Decluttr

And that’s not all. Apparently, several smartphone owners don’t even recognize their own models in official pictures from manufacturers. Actually, they don’t even remember the name of the models. How many failed the test?

Half of 2,000 smartphone owners failed with iPhone XR and 7 users scoring the lowest at 44%. The highest score falls to users of Samsung S9+ at 71%.

Wait, there’s more.

More than half the owners of the Samsung Galaxy S series that supports wireless charging doesn’t know this. And about half of iPhone X, iPhone XR and iPhone XS don’t know their Apple handsets are water-resistant.

At almost half the population of Americans spending more than $500 for their smartphones, it’s actually pretty surprising to see that half of those users don’t even know what kind of model they purchased or what it’s capable of.

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