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Annabelle Comes Home With A Lot of Friends This June


Annabelle Comes Home With A Lot of Friends This June

Annabelle and friends coming to theater this June.

Yeah, he’s got lots of friends. The Warrens describe her as the ‘beacon for other spirits’. And you might be wondering why would Annabelle be here with so many friends.

To be precisely, friends from fellow Conjuring series.

Demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren locked up a lot of haunted, cursed or ritual artifacts in a room to keep people safe from them. There are probably reasons why they couldn’t be normally disposed and two prequels showed us a backstory of Annabelle and the horrifying results that come from ‘playing’ with her.

This time, Annabelle is safely locked away in a glass case that is sacred and had a priest gave his holy blessings. All is ‘safe’ for now. Well, the sequel is going to show how everything was about to turn upside down when Annabelle is released and ‘comes home’ with a lot of friends.

Must be fun, guys.

Trailer 2 from Warner Bros. for Annabelle Comes Home is out. The movie hits the theater June 26, less than a month from now!

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