Artists Give The Lion King’s Characters An Alternative Look They Should Have Gone With

Who hates the CGI version of Lion King? I am a huge fan of ‘The Lion King’ for being a lover of cats and everything like it, but that’s not all. I was born in 1996, the year ‘The Lion King 2’ was released and ever since I could remember, Simba, Nala, and Tiara have been part of my childhood. They are also the reasons I’m so attached to cats.

When I heard of a hyper-realistic CGI of Lion King being made, I was hyped. I couldn’t contain my happiness because finally, people can learn about this movie that I love so much. The cast was amazing. I used to replay the movie every day when I get home from school. I’m going to have something new to replay on TV after this, or so I thought.

Until I laid my eyes on the trailer and I was shocked, as in horrified shock. Simba has a red made with yellow-colored body, similar to his father’s while Scar is brown with pitch-black mane and green eyes. I looked at the trailer and couldn’t even tell who is who because the lions looked so dang similar.

Thanks to Ellejar (Nikolay Mockin) who, at least, redraw and gave these characters the effect and expressions they deserved. The faithful coloring and expressions he showed in his works went viral and brought peace to people who are obviously upset for being long-time fans of the show.

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#1 Scar

#2 Scar

#3 Rafiki

#4 Simba

#5 Pumbaa And Timon

#6 Simba

#7 Simba

#8 Nala

#9 Lion King Promo Poster

#10 Simba

#11 Simba

#12 Lion King Promo Poster

#13 Simba

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