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Best of Netflix Series in 2019


Best of Netflix Series in 2019

On the Netflix catalogue, there are currently whole new crops of Netflix series that are seeking for attention.  Whether you are a fan of drama, reality and comedy, here’s a list of the series to check out for:

I Think You Should Leave:

Although this Netflix Series – I Think You Should Leave, a comedy show that only airs for just 15-minutes an episode is a bit from the weird side. Tom Robinson’s silly and original creation is actually a genius idea.  However, experts suggest I Think You Should Leave is a stellar series whose true importance might take years to recognize, but for now it is simply an impactful comedy series that requires repeat viewing.

Russian Doll:

Among the best lined up series so far in 2019 is the Russian Doll. This series is recognized as a master class in storytelling.  With the New York woman who had become a bit irresponsible with her life,  most of the Russian Doll episodes ended with her death. This is however not a spoiler, not until you watch and discover what truly happened.  The interesting part of the series was when she actually kept coming back to life without the ability to make the death stop. However, the series that started as comedy evolved into a dialogue on existentialism.

Street Food:

Once in a blue moon, Netflix actually comes up with interesting badass food program and so far, street food is topping the chart this year.  From the creators of Chef’s Table – David Gelb and Brain McGinn,  Street Food is a program that features traditions, dishes and specifically, the individuals behind the cuisine in some of the world’s vivacious cities. It is, however a must watch program/series for everyone.

The Umbrella Academy:

This Series – The Umbrella Academy is another interesting series for you and your family. The series, which is based on a graphic book features seven kids that were born in 1989 to women that were actually not pregnant a day before. Over time, a billionaire adopted the seven kids with the intention of using them to fight criminal activities. However, this series is fascinating and a quirky series in the rampant superhero genre.

Sex Education: 

All Adolescents and young teens should be lucky to have Sex Education series on Netflix.  So far, recognized as the best series for young teenagers the first season tells the story of a high schooler who isn’t the most popularly known guy in town, not until he procures the knowledge he got from his mother who was a sex therapist.  With his knowledge about Sex, he and his fellow classmates formed a business that assisted those around them cope with weird sex questions that are typically adolescent.

Uncaategorized Living:

This year must be seen series is the Uncategorized Living.  Being a Spanish-Language Program that features a drug cartel leader whose day-to-day activities is ruined after being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s is actually a  must watch for everyone as well. While not stop scrolling and landing back on Season Three of the Office, and check out the aforementioned series.

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