Confirmed: Robbert Pattinson Is The New Batman

After Ben Affleck’s departure from Batman, Matt Reeves has been screening for a new, younger actor to portray the caped crusader. A couple of actors fell under the radar and Robert Pattinson was one among two finalists in talk for the role.

Finally, Warner Bros confirms that Robert Pattinson has signed the deal on May 31 to portray the new Bruce Wayne which is slated for release June 2021. Pre-production of the DC movie starts this summer.

Matt Reeves will be directing the new Batman with his co-producer, Dylan Clark from Planet of the Apes.

The final decision to make heartthrob Robert Pattinson as the new Bruce Wayne come not without controversy. Previous movies, Batman and Justice League, had Ben Affleck portrayed as Bruce Wayne. The movies garnered mixed reviews but lost in overall against neatly written and more humorous Marvel movies.

Robin has also been rumored to be featured in Matt Reeves’ Batman, which will mark his official appearance 24 years since Batman and Robin.


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