Dad Struggles To Love His Son He Never Wanted As Wife Gets Pregnant Accidentally

When the doctor broke the news that your family is going to get slightly bigger, most parents are happy to hear that. Women are ready to become mothers even before the child is born and fathers get nervous as to this whole changes, but can’t help feeling elated for it.

But people are different and as much as our species’ needs to reproduce, not everyone is cut out for it. Some people love enjoying their time with that special one for the rest of their lives. That’s what a Reddit user that goes with the name u/0dadbab0 shared in a post.

They’ve never planned for it and she wasn’t capable of abortion, so now they are a family of 3.

At this stage, they are both realizing the major changes that will happen to their life.

She is now a happy mother, but he’s still a man searching for his place as a father.

He’s cute when he laughs. But I’m not happy 🙁

Well, that’s the problem. OP (Original Poster) is feeling a huge chunk of his freedom is being taken away with his son’s arrival. A year after that, he’s still ‘panicking’ but thankfully, he is able to construct his feelings very well.

A lot of people suggest for the man to find a therapist to talk it out and finds a solution. The thread was also filled with people expressing their own feelings. One of them raised with 1.8k likes by showing how he can cope with it.

Someone gave him suggestions.

User ponyfarmer explains that “newborns are slimy, loud potatoes” and while they are your kids, they are ‘strangers’. It can be challenging to connect to someone you never wanted in your life (and doesn’t have the capability to talk to you… yet). “It’s not all rainbows and sunshine,” he added.

You don’t even have to forgo your life plans!

More people gave their thumbs up to travelling with your one-year-old son. It’s a great time to travel and you don’t really need to feel like your freedom is gone!


Others are telling him that he’s done a great job for sharing and worrying about it.


He feels better now!

The man shared again later in a post to update his situation. He even sent away mom to spend a day with his son – which was horrid in his description but was, to be honest, a cute thing for a man who never wanted a kid to do.

The man also bravely communicated his worst feelings when he thinks about the new parenthood life he’s living. The fear, the dread, the regrets – he learns to not aim them to his son.

And he has, still and will love his wife through whatever crap they need to go through.

Several people commented about how she should have gone with the decisions they have taken. But this man thinks no. This is a new life they made and if mom says no, she has the right to do so.

The initially struggling man who was grieving and filled with dread for his crumbling future ended his post in a positively determined tone.

“I’m a dad now and my son needs me.

He needs me.

He needs me.

He needs me.”


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