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DC’s Swamp Thing Trailer Is Out!


DC’s Swamp Thing Trailer Is Out!

The new horror web drama looks promising!

Might DC just do something incredibly right this time? Well, Swamp Thing is an upcoming TV series from DC Universe and just before it’s released, the series had its shows cut from 13 to 10 episodes. WarnerMedia simply reasoned that creative decision has made it logical to have the series for only 10 episodes.

Great way to start the ruin of a show with potential, but we’ll see about it later.

The upcoming DC series has less superhero theme to it unlike its previous groups of vigilantes shows. It doesn’t focus on the background stories of the characters as well, but more towards the overall war of light and darkness around the swamp.

Swamp Thing full trailer was released just 10 hours ago and it looked pretty promising with the horror, mysterious and supernatural theme surrounding the show.

While Swamp Thing is the main character, the show has done a great job at hiding its true appearance throughout the trailer. There is a tease here and there and even a gory scene of a man impaled in the chest. The show will focus more on Abby Kane (Crystal Reed) who works with the CDC to figure out what is wrong and prevents it from spreading even further.

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