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Dog Walks 125 Miles With ‘Tears In Her Eyes’ To Get Back To Owner Who Rejected Her

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Dog Walks 125 Miles With ‘Tears In Her Eyes’ To Get Back To Owner Who Rejected Her

Dog finds her way home after walking for 125 miles through Siberia.

Do we really deserve dogs?

Maru is a Bullmastiff who’s on her way back to the kennels where she was born after her owner gave her up because of ‘her allergic’. But Maru broke through her compartment and walked 125 miles back through the thick forest filled with bears and wolves to find her owner back.

The poor girl was injured and crying from the horrible experience and her fear of the loud sound of the train. Even at that point, she focused on finding the same person who threw her away because of her ‘allergic’ after taking care of the dog for one year. Her loyalty and tenacity are amazing.

Maru, a one-year-old Bullmastiff, was found exhausted, injured and weeping from walking 125 miles to find her owner who threw her away.

Her paws were broken, the pads on her feet were damaged and her muzzle was broken.

She was on a train heading west to Novosibirsk which stopped temporarily at Achinsk.

Maru clawed on the compartment door, kicked the handle to open it and almost threw the conductor out of the way. She darted out into the night and the taiga (swampy Siberian forest). Train staff shouted her name on the platform, but she didn’t return.

Alla Morozova, kennel owner which Maru was born in Novosibirsk city, assembled a search party for her. It turns out that Maru was found two and a half days later, alive, although slightly exhausted.

Maru walked 125 miles ‘in panic’ following the longest railway track in the world, Trans-Siberia.

She managed to avoid bears and wolves and made it to the railway embankment in Krasnoyarsk. By then, her pictures have been shared on social media and she was rescued after people recognized her.

Morozova explains that Maru didn’t like being away from home and on the train. “The noise of the train scared her,” she explained.

“Dogs are very attached to people. She did not run to Novosibirsk, she wanted to go back where she lived,” Morozova added.

Morozova is also angry at the owner who did not participate in looking for the frightened dog.

“The owners were not upset at all, like, well, the dog is lost and that’s all right. That was their answer. They gave the dog away and the load fell off their shoulders,” explained Morozova who was clearly upset with how the previous owners reacted.

Maru was later driven back to Novosibirsk Alyona Makhova for treatment back in where people who care for her can look after her. She is also reunited back with her parents back in the kennels where she was born.

Maru is now making new friends and is feeling better!

Maru is also reunited back with her mom and dad!

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