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‘Fast & Furious 9’ Has Dropped And Apparently, Han Isn’t Dead


‘Fast & Furious 9’ Has Dropped And Apparently, Han Isn’t Dead

Han is back.

Even if you’re only a casual follower of the show, one of the most impactful death was that of Han. He died in ‘Tokyo Drift’, a sort of spin-off that focuses on an Asian lead and fans are just sad that this is a character that won’t return.

Logically speaking, he shouldn’t be returning but he did anyway. Prequels were set that starred Sung Kang who reprised the same role. The show did catch up where he died at the end of ‘Fast and Furious 6’. Add to that, it was Shaw who killed him, who later had BBQ with the family later on. (Dom, what the-)

Anyways, the ninth movie’s trailer has finally dropped and showed Dom living a peaceful life with Letty and their son Bryant. All is well, but danger was lurking and the team sets out again to deal with it. The show introduces John Cena as Dom’s forsaken brother and Charlize Theron.


The movie is written by Daniel Casey and Han was shown brought in by Letty into the clubhouse. He is riding a similar orange car to the one he died in (please, don’t ride orange anymore, Han, that just looks like bad luck).

Also, we secretly wants Gisele back to if they’re gonna do this.

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