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First Teaser Of “Mulan” Live-Action Is Now Out!


First Teaser Of “Mulan” Live-Action Is Now Out!

Yifeu Lu kicking asses and still a beauty at the same time.

Is anyone excited for the live-action of Mulan? Among the princesses that Disney showed, Mulan stands different among the others. She was the first to break the stereotyping that women have to be princesses who only wait for men to save them. In the trailer, Mulan is a composed woman who follows his father’s order when he announced that she’s being married off.

Chinese Paladin, 2005

This live-action adaptation takes great account into the details of the settings and cast some incredible Asian actors and actresses. Yifeu Lu plays the quiet but strong warrior Mulan. Donnie Yen plays as Commander Tung who mentors Mulan and Yoson An plays as both rival and love interest of Mulan.

Every princess gets their prince in the end, but it’s interesting to see that the newly released trailer focuses on Mulan as an individual. In a whooping 90-sec trailer, we see Yifeu Lu abiding his father’s words and then fighting as a warrior in his father’s stead.

“The Forbidden Kingdom, 2008

The original legend of Mulan has a similar ending to most fairytales by Grimm brothers – they don’t have pretty endings. It’s also interesting to see that she continued fighting on the battlefield with her hair draped, revealing that she is a female warrior in a patrilineal country.

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