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French Marathon Where Runners Drink Wine And Eat Cheese


French Marathon Where Runners Drink Wine And Eat Cheese

This year, the runners won’t be short of wine supply.

Marathon du Medoc is a unique marathon that incorporates wine, cheese, and oyster in the event. The marathon itself is normal and up to athletics standard except for another thing: runners are required to wear fancy dresses or outfits during their 26.2-mile track of run.

Of course, the fact that it’s about 8,500 of people wearing the weirdest thing ever who enjoy wine with oyster midway to the finish line is bound to attract some people.

Medoc vineyards in France: Athletes are running through the vineyard, thus the name of the event.
And here’s the highlight: France is never short of wine! Runners get to enjoy wine, cheese and oyster when they take a break.

This year, the marathon’s unique dress is taking ‘superhero’ dresscode all with the hype of Avengers: Endgame.

The marathon lasts for 6 hours and 30 minutes, enough time for even beginners to enjoy and finish the 26.2-mile long track with a glass of wine in between. Runners get to enjoy wine tasting, cheese, oyster, steak, and grapes with musical performances to cheer them up.

And even more, food is served in the evening with the producer prepping some performances to show.

Aesthetic view you won’t find anywhere else: Eight runners racing to the finish line as one drag a balloon with him. Eight heroes of their own. This vineyard of Medoc is near Pauillac municipality.
Variety: Runners come in all kinds of costumer and outfits. Including this Japanese man who runs in a typical Japanese outfit.

For a marathon that features free wine tasting, you got it. They do enjoy a wide-range of view of more than 50 chateaux such as Pauillac, St. Julien-Beychevelle and St. Estèphe.

The record time of finishing this marathon is two hours and 26 minutes which was set by French athlete Denis Mayaud last year.

Runners are charged €88 or about £75 to participate in the event and that doesn’t include the extras, such as a dinner or a short 6-mile walk on Sunday morning after the marathon.

300 volunteers are ready to provide medical assistance in over 15 tents spread throughout the route. And this year, the event is set to be held on September 7.

Chateau La Tour: 20 years ago, participants were running through a similar route for the 15th times Marathon du Medoc was held.
This runner is passing by Saint-Julien-Beychevelle with a fancy bow tie on his bare neck.

A ‘large number of nicely dressed runners’ with the most unique look will be awarded with a supply of wine.

And so, it won’t hurt to come out as the guy who enjoys wine in childish pool suit if that’s your thing!

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