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Gladiator 2 Sequel Takes Place 25 Years After The First Film


Gladiator 2 Sequel Takes Place 25 Years After The First Film

It’s finally confirmed!

Producers to the sequel of Gladiator has confirmed that the movie is happening. It has also been confirmed that the story will pick up 25 years after the first movie ended. That is about 180 AD.


Laurie MacDonald said, “We’re working with Ridley, and that’s one we wouldn’t touch unless we felt in a way to do it was legitimate.

“We’re working with an amazing writer as well, Peter Craig.”

“It picks up the story 30 years later,” Parkes added. He corrected himself and said it was ’25 years later’.

Producers Walter F. Parkes and Laurie MacDonald during the Men in Black: International photocall. Credit: PA

Rumors have it that the sequel will focus on the story of Lucilla’s son, Lucius who was played by Connie Nielson as well as Commodus’ nephew, played by Joacquin Phoenix. The fact that it’s going to have quite a time skip in between the movies strengthens the assumption.

Lucius with Commodus from Gladiator

Gladiator was a huge success with over $460 millions of sales around the world back in 2000. Fans have been demanding for a sequel and Scott finally gave it to them in 2017 that a sequel is at work. But that wasn’t all.

Crowe is coming back and yes, he died in the first movie.

“I know how to bring him back,” Scott confidently answered. “I was having this talk with the studio – ‘But he’s dead’. But there is a way of bringing him back. Whether it will happen, I don’t know.”

Crowe might return from the dead! (Photo by Dave Hogan/Getty Images)

How about Crowe himself?

Recently, Crowe also showed his enthusiasm to be able to portray his character back. “On the set of Gladiator I built up a relationship with him that would last forever. It felt like we were in the trenches together, gradually putting the movie together as we filmed it,” Crowe recalls.

“And I can clearly remember when he told me that the production company was wrong to think of the film as an action movie to sell to teenagers. He was right: after just two weeks it was clear to everyone that the female audience was the biggest.”

Both Walter F. Parkes and Laurie MacDonald are currently on their tour to promote MIB International that features Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson.

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