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Google, ARM, and Now Panasonic: Huawei Ban Impact Continues


Google, ARM, and Now Panasonic: Huawei Ban Impact Continues

Panasonic is complying to the new ban by halting transactions with Huawei.

Last week, Huawei was added under the “Entity List” by the US government which means they can only trade under the government permission. This has led Google and then ARM to cut ties with Huawei to comply to the new regulation. Despite the temporary license, new smartphones from Huawei won’t have Google Playstore, new Android updates, and possibly Kirin processors.

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Panasonic is halting their transactions with Huawei, but conflicting fact found on their site.

Now, Japan’s Panasonic has officially put all transactions with Huawei on halt, reasons that 25% of their materials are US-imported.

The trade war and ban escalated with cyber risks Trump believes exist in Chinese gadgets.

Panasonic released an official statement:

“Panasonic announced in [an] internal notification that it should suspend transactions with Huawei and its 68 affiliates that were banned by the US government.”

Yet, this statement conflict with the information provided on their site that they are still supplying materials to Huawei. The company has also since, not provided details regarding the kind of transactions that are put on halt or why they are complying with the US regulations.

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