Gorgeous Australian-Sudanese Model Surprises Everyone With Her Real-Life Barbie Look

Duckie is currently one of the most sought-after models in Australia. The dark beauty is also known as the real-life Barbie mode with more than 1 million followers on Instagram. But Ducki didn’t have it all easy, in fact, she went through horrible bullying and had to take a 2-year break from the modeling world.

Naydak (Duckie) Thot was the frontrunner of Australia’s Next Top Model in 2017. But with all the pride and prettiness came bullies who trolled her on the internet and made fun of her darker complexion. Having both dark skin and hair, cyberbullies called her a’cauliflower head’. A former Top Model contestant, Winnie Harlow, became known as one of the perpetrators.

Cyberbullying was so bad that one of Duckie’s friends, Charlotte Dawson committed suicide.  Duckie, however, felt encouraged by her friend’s death to overcome her darkest moments in life.

Duckie is currently a successful model who is doing much better thanks to her extraordinary beauty and strength she gained from her friend.

Sammy Brown

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