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Psychologists Say That Travelling Brings Greater Happiness Than Owning Material Wealth


Psychologists Say That Travelling Brings Greater Happiness Than Owning Material Wealth

Shopping has been normalized and made part of modern culture. Thanks to the ultra-appealing adverts that grace our screens at every commercial break. While store owners are making a kill, most innocent buyers don’t know that they are falling prey to a scheme that will ultimately end up burning a hole in their wallet.

For some people, shopping may be a therapeutic way of dealing with overwhelming emotions. Known as ‘retail therapy’ these people find comfort in buying new items. While buying a new item might give an instant feeling of gratification, how long till its all gone, hours, days? You may still use the products, but you won’t feel the same joy you had in the first few minutes of unboxing that item.

The problem with this kind of shopping is that most people try to buy happiness. As the popular saying goes, money can’t buy happiness. So why then do we toil if the money we earn wont make us happier?

Well, as consolation, money can buy experiences which will bring happiness and memories that will last as long as you can remember.

According to researchers at Cornell University, experiences can help one exit the detrimental cycle of searching for happiness by shopping for items. Psychology professor Thomas Gilovic writes that traveling can bring true happiness.

“When you book a trip you will experience the same hit of joy and satisfaction as when you buy new shoes or a new phone,” he says.

However, travelling also has an added advantage of creating lasting memories and experiences in a different culture while spending time with the people you love.  These beautiful memories can never be brought by purchasing an item.

Turns out, there are other experiences that can give you a similar amount of joy. Learning new skills, attending festivals, picking up a hobby and paying sports are some of the interesting activities that will create wonderful memories. Afterall, life is all about making lasing memroeies than regreating the money wasted on objects that could turn obsolete at a moments notice. 

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