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Grey’s Anatomy Season 15 Release Date on Netflix Confirmed


Grey’s Anatomy Season 15 Release Date on Netflix Confirmed

A great season that tackles difficult subjects and bring

Grey’s Anatomy will be made available to stream on Netflix next month on the 15th. Netflix subscribers will have something to binge on the weekend. The ABC’s legendary medical drama has a lighter and fluffy tone this time with Krista Vernoff, the showrunner, emphasizing more on the comedy and romantic aspects of the show.

The show has gained much applause as well as labeled as the longest medical show after ER with its 15th episode of the season. Officially titled as “Season on Love”, it shows Meredith Grey learning to love again after losing his husband, Dr. Derek Shepherd.

Meredith’s journey wasn’t easy – she had to seek experts to help with her matchmaking, attended a number of blind dates and basically went through a lot of things. But all in all, viewers find themselves enjoying the simple things and laughter Meredith gives them.

One of the most controversial, yet, commendable step the show took was to tackle the subject of sexual assault. Episode 19 of the latest season shows Jo who administers rape kits which was the first of its kind to be shown on broadcast television.

Initially, the scene was rejected by ABC’s Standards And Practices department.

“We received notes initially from ABC’s Broadcast Standards and Practices. They give these standard notes: ‘don’t be too gory’; ‘don’t be too explicit in your language’; ‘no side boob.’ But the ones we got on this script included, ‘Please don’t show any fluid on the Q-tips’ and ‘Please don’t show any body fluids under the blue lights,” Vernoff explained.

The season is coming to Netflix on June 15 and season 16 has been confirmed to be coming this fall. On top of that, renewal for season 17 has been confirmed.

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