Guy Trolls Megan Rapinoe On Twitter, Fans Defend Her With 16 Replies

This Summer is obviously for Megan Rapinoe. Being a co-captain for the US Women’s Soccer Team, the 33-Year Old had scored six goals to retain their title as the World Champion. Rapinoe, remarkable performance during the World Cup earned her the Golden Ball and the Golden Boot awards. Her good work also earned Megan appearances on magazine covers and on talk shows.

Nevertheless, while Rapinoe and her other teammates were still jubilating a day after the victory, the posters of Megan placed publicly were vandalized with homophobic slurs in her homeland. And on the internet, some fan turned Megan historical goal jubilation into blissful memes, while some horrible comments were thrown at the footballer over her activism and behavior.

Right after the US Women’s Soccer Team won the world cup, some fans started attacking Megan Rapinoe.

“The confidence that Megan shows is not customary for women. Usually, women are expected to put themselves down and be modest. Accordingly, women are very careful not to seem too self-confident or well-informed because it’s taken as a kind of cockiness that is a turn-off to men,” Professor Bonnie Morris, at the University of California Berkeley had explained.

Megan is however not concerned about how she’s been perceived. Earlier, Rapionie had celebrated one of her World Cup Goals by posing confidently with her head high, and the image went viral on the internet, with lots of fans commending her warrior-like pose, others did call Megan ‘Egotistical’.

Some Individuals did Jump Into Defending the Athlete

Megan is indeed active. Just recently, she demanded equal pay for the women’s team and used her popularity to raise social justice crises to include some cultural infernos.


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