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Megan Rapinoe’s Girlfriend And Fans Go Wild As US Women’s Soccer Team Win The World Cup


Megan Rapinoe’s Girlfriend And Fans Go Wild As US Women’s Soccer Team Win The World Cup

A 4th Time World Cup Winner.

The stadium went wild as the US Women’s Soccer Team brought home the World Cup on Sunday, making them a 4th time World Cup Winner.

The stadium was rocking as the US Women’s Soccer Team brought home their fifth World Cup on Sunday, and few fans looked prouder than the players’ families

While fans appeared prouder than the player’s themselves, the ever talented United States Squad were favored to win the final against the Netherlands in  Lyon, France.

Megan Rapinoe’s WNBA-star girlfriend Sue Bird screamed at the top of her voice as the co-captain scored the first goal of the match 

Dahlkemper’s boyfriend Kepler was seen embracing a fellow fan after the Americans’ first goal

Siblings,  Parents, and Partners were witnessed in the stand, putting on a show as a way to cheer the winning team.

Rapinoe ran over to the stands to kiss girlfriend -Bird after the final whistle

As the leading scorer, Alex Morgan led the team to the field, Servando Carrasco, (Alex’s husband), Abby Dahlkemper’s Boyfriend- Max Kepler and Allie Long’s husband, Joe Batista led the cheering section.

Morgan went in for a kiss from Carrasco as the players greeted their families in the stands

Midfielder Julie Ertz is seen kissing her husband Zach Ertz

Accordingly, Sue Bird – Megan Rapinoe’s WNBA- Star girlfriend was seen screaming at the top of her voice as Rapionoe scored the first goal of the match.

Their family section is seen reacting to a call with outrage, bringing Kepler, Carrasco, and Batista to their feet

Watching intently throughout the game, Dahlkemper’s father and mother, Andrew and Samantha Meiwis were also in attendance. However, cries for an ‘Equal Pay’ was screaming among the jubilating supporters in the stands.

Becky Sauerbrunn’s boyfriend Zola Short is seen singing the national anthem

One of the youngest fans in the stadium was there to support Emily Sonnet

The Lead captain, Megan Rapinoe had convincingly past the Dutch in an exciting 2-0 victory. She cemented the team’s legacy as the most successful international women’s soccer team of all time.

Joe Batista, husband of Allie Long, and Debbie Alongi, Ali Krieger’s mom, celebrate together

With the legion of football supporters, many of the players on the US Women’s Soccer Team were fortunate to have their personal fans in the stands and equally their supporting and caring partners.

USA players celebrate with the FIFA Women’s World Cup Trophy following their team’s victory

The soccer stars garnered athletes as their partners. Ranging from the WNBA, MLB Players,Golf pros, MLS Players to even Soccer Players within the team, Let introduce you to them:

Meet Morgan and Servando Carrasco

Megan Rapinoe and Girlfriend – Sue Bird.

Ali Krieger and Ashlyn Harris

Carli Lloyd and Brian Hollins

Julie Ertz and Zach Ertz

Becky Sauerbrunn’s and Zola Short

Abby Dahlkemper and Aaron Shoenfeld

Kelley O’Hara and Adam Sweat

Mallory Pugh and Dansby Swanson

Tierna Davidson and Alison Jahansouz

Adrianna Franch and Emily Boscacci

Crystal Dunn and Pierre Subrier

Allie Long and Jose Batista

Morgan Brian and Fabrice Gautrat

Samantha Mewis and Pat Johnson

Jessica McDonald and Courtney Stuart (but with son – Jeremiah)

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