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Gymnast Simone Biles, 22, Becomes First Woman To Land A ‘Triple-Double’


Gymnast Simone Biles, 22, Becomes First Woman To Land A ‘Triple-Double’

She is a legend.

This is Simone Biles, a 22-year-old talented woman who made history. She is the first woman since Clara Schroth Lomady who won six titles in 1952. While her position was secured, Biles’ ambition didn’t stop there during this match – she awed everyone with an incredible performance.

Four times Olympian and 14 times world champion. Geez, she doesn’t know when to stop awing us all.

She attempted the first ‘triple-twist with double back maneuver’ on her floor routine. This makes her the first woman who was successful at the move, setting a record that might allow this move to be named after her. She won US women’s gymnastics championships with 118,500 points, an almost 5,000 points of difference to the 2nd rank, Sunisa Lee at 113,550.

But that’s not all!

Biles also made another history to dismount from the balance beam with a double twist and double somersault from it. This happens just two days before she won the National championship.

Watch the video here:

USA Gymnastics high-performance director Tom Forster commented on her amazing feat, “It’s like she hit a hole in one and we were all there. It’s a big deal and we all know it. No one in the world has done it before in the women and actually, she does it better than most of the men who have done it. She should be super excited about that.”

And what about Biles herself? “It wasn’t as good as in some of the training. But I’m just happy that I landed it because, after night one, my confidence got shot down. So I was really worried about it going into today and that was all I could worry about.”

Oh, girl, you just made history! What’s there to worry?

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