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PlayStation 4 Just Gave Out Free Exclusive VR Game (Again)


PlayStation 4 Just Gave Out Free Exclusive VR Game (Again)

Nice work. Time to get that VR , I guess.

Sony Interactive Entertainment has been a really great company at not just making the users happy, but also interested in exploring new ways to game. Just recently, the company blasted emails to players announcing they just gave them a free game.

No catch, no strings, except that the game is only playable on PlayStation VR. But perhaps, it’s a great way for people to consider purchasing one because they’re giving out award-winning ‘Astro Bot: Rescue Mission’ with over 90 at Metacritic.

This is posted u/XarmtheinsaneX on PS4 subreddit with the caption:

“Just a friendly reminder to check your email, this was in mine this morning.”

This is a completely random blast as players who claim to don’t have a VR have different answers to whether they did or did not get the exclusive game.

‘Astro Bot: Rescue Mission’ was released last October and swept up awards in the VR Game category last year. It costs just below $20 and the game description reads:

“‘Astro Bot Rescue Mission’ is a brand new platformer, developed exclusively for use with PS VR. Take control of Astro the captain BOT and go on an epic VR rescue mission to save your fellow Bots who are dispersed all over space.”

Did you get one? Will you get the PSVR for it or maybe you’re actually on the fence for other games?

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