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What’s Happening With Telltale’s Games?


What’s Happening With Telltale’s Games?

Download before it’s been taken down.

It is quite evident that Telltale is facing a closure crisis with it’s games. Its Tales from Borderland were no longer available on Steam by the end of May and equally the Storefront Good Old Games had declared it is no longer selling the Telltales games, making it quite underwhelming!!

And now, Mojang – the Minecraft developer has announced it was pulling out from stores Minecraft: Story Mode comes June 25th. With players having limited days of about 3 weeks to download their respective episodes, the game got de-listed following the disappearance of other games created by Telltale Games.

Minecraft: Story Mode was announced back in 2014 before launching in 2015. It has been available for macOS, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 3 &4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox 360, Wii U, and Android among others.

Ninja Carbon

The game had centered on Jesse, who alongside with his friends have to discover the Order of the Stone to prevent a destruction of their video game world. When it launched, Job Stauffer – Telltale’s director had revealed that the game was inspired by some classic films from the 80’s.

It ran for two seasons so far, the season one ran for eight episodes and the season two ran for five episodes within the year 2015 and 2017.  In 2018, Telltale games had signed up a deal with Netflix to bring games to its streaming platform, debuted in November.

However, Mojang further acknowledged that the move was because of Telltale’s closure, stating that players who had purchased the Minecraft: Story Mode will have to make sure of downloading it before it’s been taken down.

I bet, it’s  an enjoy while it last scenario.

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