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Chill Out: Netflix Shows Aren’t Going Anywhere For A Long While


Chill Out: Netflix Shows Aren’t Going Anywhere For A Long While

All these ‘Netflix losing good shows’ worries won’t happen for a while.

Netflix is facing competition and risks of losing their shows on a scale that has never seen before. One of the biggest challenges they are facing is the fact that Disney+ streaming provider will become the exclusive platform to enjoy Disney movies as well as NBC’s popular shows.

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Apple and AT&T are also creating their own exclusive streaming platforms like WarnerMedia. These streaming providers will pull out all shows and movies under their production from Netflix.

Well, fortunately, that is not actually happening any time soon, not even within the year. In fact, Netflix might remain a giant streaming provider because all these shows locked on their deals with Netflix for years to come.

Shows like Grey’s Anatomy from NBC, Supernatural and Riverdale from The CW and The Walking Dead from Fox will remain available on the platform for years after they air. 80% of the most popular shows to be streamed on the platform won’t leave anytime soon.

So, what’s with the quite the chaos with ‘Netflix losing good shows’? The Office and Friends are the only two popular sitcoms that might leave the platform since the deals are ending soon.

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“The loss of back titles will not kill Netflix or slow subscriber growth, It just forces them to make more original content,” according to an analyst.

Disney is also arranging with Netflix regarding licensing terms that a lot of their movies are coming back to the platform starting from around 2026. This includes movies that were released from 2016 to 2018 like Black Panther.

So, guys, chill. You don’t have to Google ‘how to unsubscribe’ just yet. In fact, by the time The Office and Friends are gone, you have approximately 3,000 more shows to enjoy on Netflix, many of which are Netflix Originals.

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