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Set Your Messages to Expire, Prevent Sharing With Confidential Mode Via Gmail

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Set Your Messages to Expire, Prevent Sharing With Confidential Mode Via Gmail

Will be available for G Suite users from June 25th

In 2018, Google had introduced its confidential mode for Gmail, an innovation that allows users with personal accounts to send messages that can be prevented from sharing as well as expire. This  innovation equally prevents a recipient from copying whatever contents he/she want to forward to others or even downloading it.

Here again, the news is up most especially as G Suite users who uses Gmail in their offices will hence have the ability to use the confidential mode from June 25th. It will be switched on automatically and an option to switch it off will be given to managers. This however implies that an employee will be able to use the feature if only the organization uses Gmail. It will also be very handy for business oriented individuals who needs to send to their clients sensitive documents.

Have you ever wondered how? The confidential mode can be used via both the Gmail App and Desktop. All you have to do is to activate the confidential mode button each time you want to send a message. Let show you how to do it!

On Your Mobile – Same for iOS and Android versions

Start by composing a message, and then you tap three vertical dots in the upper right corner of your Gmail App. When you see the Confidential Mode, you equally tap. Once this is done, users are given the option of how long the message should be viewed by recipients and whether it should be protected by a passwords. When your settings are adjusted, any message sent in a confidential mode will display like a small window, it will then details how long the message will last before expiring.

On Your Desktop

Similarly, you begin with composing a message, and then you search for the icon of a locked clock to the right of the Send button and tap it. Immediately, a pop-up will appears and this will allow you set the limit for how long you want your recipients to access the message. As mentioned above, you can accompany your message with a password. Right after, a notification that read your message has been sent in the confidential mode will appear at the bottom of the message.

There you have it all done, easy-no-stress.

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