Open World Game Allow You To Solve Mysteries As A Gang Of Cats

At last, the gaming world is getting what it has been longing for. Game lovers will soon be on an adventure about a gang of cats working together to discover what has happened to all the humans who have disappeared from their Island.

The Peace Island permits Users to take a cat or paws role, to solve puzzles, to try and get to the depth of the mystery behind the missing humans.

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“Peace Island is an interactive story-driven experience which will focus on discovery and exploration, rather than combat,” the website explained.

Erich Blumrich, A Creator has set up a Kick Starter Account for the game, which currently has 345 backers who have raised £10,532, an equivalent of $13,098 to make the dream a reality.

Under development for PC, Mac and Oculus VR System, the game is a VR cat experience. However, Peace Island will be a combination of science fiction, substitute of history and mystery – unfolding from the perspective of the 9 cats who titled the Island their home, but only to find their human companions gone when they wake up.

As one goes through solving the puzzles, getting clues and concluding side-quests, you certainly will be faced with a question: ‘Are humans worthy to be saved?

That actually sounds more cat-like!!

Watch the game Kickstarter video below

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Easton Hughes

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