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Stranger Things Invades The Hit Video Game Fortnite


Stranger Things Invades The Hit Video Game Fortnite

The portal looks dope!

The wait is close to ending with Season 3 just literally around the corner. Netflix will become the first streaming platform to watch when ‘Stranger Things 3’ lands. But if you’re a Fortnite player, you can actually experience the Upside Down world even before season 3 arrives.

Fortnite is collaborating with Stranger Things to bring in the horrific experience into the game.

Players can now access an area through the portals in Mega Mall that look very similar to the ones that lead to Upside Down realm in ‘Stranger Things’. You can explore a whole new area through this portal. Check out this video below to how you can find one in the game.

Players who are attentive will notice that hints of ‘Stranger Things’ update have been around for quite a while. Back in June, several players notice an ice cream shop that resembles Scoops Ahoy – the Hawkins from ‘Stranger Things 3’ appear in the game.

Chris Lee nodded to this and confirmed that is more to come, “You guys may have seen, in Fortnite Season 9 we had a Scoops Ahoy from ‘Stranger Things’ show up in the mall there. So there’s a bit more behind that in a few weeks.”

Magical portals resembling the ones from ‘Stranger Things’ have been added to the Mega Mall.

This was the portal that connects to the Upside Down.

‘Stranger Things’ is not the first franchise to have collaborated with the game. Previously, Fortnite collab with ‘John Wick’ as well as ‘Avengers: Endgame’.

There is a possibility that more updates are coming to realize the Upside Down realm as a whole, new skins from popular characters as well as ‘Stranger Things’-related emoticons. They are currently in their 14 Days of Summer promotion until July 16 where new challenges can be finished for rewards.

Set in 1985, ‘Stranger Things 3’ shows one last fight these kids have to win.

The official description says this is ‘the cusp of adulthood’ where romance will blossom between the Hawkins.

‘Stranger Things 3’ is set to debut on July 4.

In some countries, the new season is already out! Ready to find out how the kids fared in this last battle?

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