Japanese Artists Recreate Countries And Their Flags As Anime Characters For 2020 Tokyo Olympics

The city of Tokyo is presently preparing for its 2020 Olympics and people are gradually nerved for the event.  Japanese Artists in particular grouped together to create an un-official promotional campaign for the upcoming event, by drawing inspirations from a subject the country is incredibly concern about – Anime.

The group of Artists has been re-imagining the participating countries as tough characters that are ready to get involved in combat. So far, the design looks very Japanese in a totally unique and attractive way.

“There are six people working on the project, but more creators will join soon,” World Flags explained. “We’ve been doing it for about a year now.”

Every competitor coming for the event is created with its national identity, history, and culture as a means of offering a pretty graphical harmonious diversity.

“We feel so much respect for all of the countries around the world. They and their symbols (flags) are very important to us,” the artists said.

“We know we can’t treat any of them in a way that would disrespect them and that’s what we’re constantly trying to do.” World Flags added.

More info: world-flags.org | Twitter

Scroll down to see their amazing work so far:

#1 UK

#2 Mexico

#3 Vietnam

#4 South Africa

#5 Sweden

#6 Italy

#7 South Korea

#8 China

#9 Japan

#10 Malaysia

#11 Philippines

#12 Canada

#13 Belgium

#14 Finland

#15 Spain

#16 France

#17 Switzerland

#18 Germany

#19 Thailand

#20 Brazil

#21 Indonesia

#22 Singapore

#23 Denmark

#24 Norway

#25 Netherlands

#26 India

#27 Argentina

#28 Russia

#29 Venesuela

#30 USA

Owen Cooper

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