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These Pinatas Are Filled With Mini Booze Bottles And Perfect For Pool Parties


These Pinatas Are Filled With Mini Booze Bottles And Perfect For Pool Parties

Piñatas, ah, fun times especially when you were a kid and really can’t get enough of the sugar rush. Maybe some of you experienced what this kid below did from being way too excited.

But now that you are a healthy young adult at the age of 26, to be excited at breaking a plastic egg filled with chocolate and bonbons isn’t really your age. Piñatas is something that only kids get excited from after breaking it and then torture adults afterward with all that sugar rush.

But, fret no more! For Nipyata is here!

Instagram | @nipyata

Nipyata wants adults to be able to enjoy hitting Piñatas and feel rewarded from doing so. Their Piñatas are filled with mini booze bottles that will surely hype up any pool parties!

You can find Nipyata in any local liquor stores in packages like below. If you check their Instagram, you will see all kinds of adorable and brightly colored Piñatas with a secret stash of booze hidden inside.

Instagram | @nipyata

For those who want a more special Piñata, you can request them to custom-made yours. From the shape, types of liquor to how many bottles is place inside, you can make your own Piñata! You can also add other than liquor bottles such as snacks and cookies. Each Piñata holds up to 50 bottles.

And of course, the bottles are made of plastic, so they won’t crash and spill everywhere upon falling out of the Piñata.

Instagram | @nipyata

Feel even better about having booze for your pool party because 5% of their earnings go directly to supporting cancer research. And enjoy eternal happiness with zero hangovers.

What’d you say? Zero hangovers? Smashable Piñatas? Eternal happiness?

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