Parents Are Creating Magical Bean Pole Garden Tents For Their Children

The season of Summer is such a beautiful time to be outside. Since you will be open to enjoy the warm weather. Likewise, it’s also a perfect time for your children to get out of the house and play outside.

Hence, if you are in search of a fun, yet attractive project to carry out in your backyard, this article will give you a tip. As seen, Parents are now creating pole bean tents for their children to play outside, and they look adorable.

If your child is a lover of Sharon Lovejoy’s Roots, Shoots, Buckets, and Boots, then he/she will certainly love this awesome outdoor backyard project.


Some individuals have taken the inspiration for their own pole bean garden from the book: Moon Garden and the Garden of Giants but indeed kept the design a little simple.


Anywhere, your inspiration comes from; you can sincerely produce your own projects.

Pick exactly how you want it to look and decide what to plant. Very fun filling for your child.


Though, it can sometimes be complicated to make these.

Unsplash | Inés Castellano

But all you need for the project include bamboo poles or wood poles of 8-10 inches, twine or string, pole bean seeds, soil amendments, and an annual climbing flower seeds – this could either be Heavenly Blue or Morning Glories.

Scroll through these pictures below to learn the steps involved:

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The Final Step:


You can also plant morning glories.


It might seem slow at first but once the seedlings start to grow, they will grow fast and you’ll have a wonderful tent cover in no time.


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