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Here’s Why Zenfone 6 Does Not Have Fast-Charging


Here’s Why Zenfone 6 Does Not Have Fast-Charging

You might be glad they didn’t.

It’s very unthinkable for companies to release new smartphones these days without fast-charging technology. The thought of leaving your phone vacant for the next two hours is going to be a challenge. But that’s exactly what Asus did with their new Zenfone 6 that went through a lot of improvements.

From Samsung S10+ to Vivo V15, fast charging seems like the tech you can’t miss. This allows users to spend only 15 minutes to get 30% or about less than an hour for a full charge. Zenfone 6, however, features Quick Charge 4.0 that delivers 18 Watts while fast-charging typically delivers 40 Watts.

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Why the step back?

Zenfone 6 comes with great hardware; it has volume button, power button and Google Assistant button. It’s also bezeless and comes with an adaptable flip camera. And to top it off, it comes with a giant-5,000 mAh battery packed inside. That is one big battery.

Tom Lin, Lead of Hardware Engineering explains that it’s not easy to fit in both the giant battery and a thick separator that facilitates fast-charging. The trade-off was dilemmatic since everyone was making it as if fast-charging is the obvious way to go.

They decided to go with 5,000 mAh and let us tell you why that shouldn’t be a problem.

Fast-charging can wear off your battery faster than you think because they usually come with battery of lower capacity. Meanwhile, Zenfone 6 can go on Internet browsing non-stop for 21 hours. Delivering only 18 Watts also means you don’t potentially heat up your phone as long as you don’t operate your phone while charging.

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