Hospital Shows People Difference Between Urgent And Emergency Care In Pleasant Ads

The term ‘Urgent Care and Emergency Care’, sounds like a critical situation when told in a hospital. But interestingly, there’s a disparity between both of them and it’s high time to get them right.

Just recently, a Florida situated Healthcare service observed the gap, decided to provide convenient and pleasant roadside billboard to inform people about the difference.


In a bid to guard against emergency room clogging up with people seeking for quick treatment, BayCare defines itself as a leading not-for-earning health care system.

Bay care explains it connects families and individuals with a wide range of services at about fifteen hospitals and attend conveniently to about hundreds in Tampa Bay and Central Florida regions.


Like any other medical service, Bay Care recommended a patient visit his/her primary care provider for an acute illness, if not life-threatening. But wait,  if it’s a weekend, and you can’t just wait for an appointment?  Are you sure of who to call!

Hence, BayCare collaborated with DeVito/Verdi, a New York-based creative communication company to solve the problem.


Speaking DeVito/Verdi said: “ BayCare needed to raise the profile of both its Emergency Care services and its Urgent Care services, users were getting the two mixed up, so we created a movement that would both differentiate the services and raise their different profile.”


And obviously, with simple graphics, the two companies have succeeded in achieving their aim. The sign on the road has gotten a positive reaction and a lot of people are talking about it, and of course, that’s the whole point.

Here’s However What People Are Saying About The Educative Signs:

Owen Cooper

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