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It: Chapter 2 Breakdown to Help You Realize What You Missed


It: Chapter 2 Breakdown to Help You Realize What You Missed

It: Chapter Two brings Losers Club back together to fight and destroy Pennywise once and for all.

Pennywise is back in town and our main protagonists are now older, smarter and stronger to fight them back. The first installment of the horror series serve us 101 reasons to be scared of clowns, but to be honest, I’ve never liked them even before watching ‘It’. The movie simply assured me that clowns are evil.

Then there is Chapter 2 which has unnecessarily added another thing I have to be scared of: naked grandmas. But, we have got to applaud Joan Gregson who played a really good mad, naked grandma in this trailer.

The story will once again tell the fights of Losers Club against Pennywise. The friends have sworn to return to Derry, Maine once more to finish Pennywise one last time. Pennywise does appear once every 27 years. So, the club gathered again once more as grown adults.

The official teaser trailer of It: Chapter Two reveals Jessica Chastain’s character, Beverly, visiting her old childhood house.

Upon arrival, she found out her old home has been occupied by an old lady that goes by the name Mrs. Kersch (Joan Gregson).

Hansel & Gretel reference

The kind grandma served Beverly warm tea before pointing out that it’s sweltering hot right now. Beverly notices bugs gathering on the window when a plant pot is placed. This refers to the story Beverly is scared of when a witch tempted Gretel with sweets and asked her to see if the oven is hot enough.

She also mentioned about cookies in the oven and wanted Gretel to try some before disappearing into the kitchen.

All the wounds.

Mrs. Kersch reveals her chest wounds as she talked about the hot weather and unbuttoned her shirt a little bit. Beverly notices it and probably remembered when Mike impaled Pennywise in the chest from It with a fence post.

Beverly also showed up with strangling wound on her wrist., which might have referred to her boyfriend fighting against her will to return to the haunted town.


Did you know that Mrs. Kersch and her father (read: fadder) emigrated from Sweden? If you notice closely, she has a peculiar accent when pronouncing the word father. This is an accurate reference to the family’s origin.

Sneaky Penny.

Are you still his little girl, Beverly?

Anyone who has watched the first It will get what Mrs. Kersch was trying to say. This is a direct reference to Beverly’s abusive father who used to make and call her “her little girl”.

And those are things we found in the movie. Comment below if you think we missed something!

It: Chapter Two will screen on September 6, 2019.

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