K-pop Boy-Band ‘BTS’ Are Taking “Extended Period Of Rest And Relaxation”

The superstars from South Korea that have sent the whole world on a K-pop fever are finally getting the rest they have long-awaited. BTS is officially taking an extended break after their world tour around Europe and Japan. Fans can see how hard they have worked.

Kind reminders from Big Hit Entertainment on Twitter also want fans to not disturb the boys during their short vacations to enjoy life like other youngsters in their 20s. Yesterday on August 11, BTS finished their last scheduled event.

Their world tour titled ‘Love Yourself Speak Yourself’ has grossed $99 million for promoting BTS’ top-charting album ‘Map of Seoul: Persona’. They did get a few days off in between concerts during the world tour, but it wasn’t without them exploring the cities for the first time in their life.

Fans continuous outpouring love also agree on the Entertainment’s reminder for everyone to let the boys enjoy their time-off. And during those times they get to recharge, we’ll be waiting for their comeback as a better group than ever!

Isabelle Ross

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