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Kingsman 3 Filming Starts Late This Year


Kingsman 3 Filming Starts Late This Year

Kingsman prequel set to film the latest by the beginning of next year.

The prequel to the Kingsman might be set to film this year and is set to be a prequel of the previous two movies. Matthew Vaughn is coming back to direct this and another sequel in the future, following two successful installments of Kingsman that garnered a total of $825 million in the box office.

In the prequel, we will see the return of two main characters from the two previous movies, Garry “Eggsy” Unwin and Agent Harry Hart. Taron Egerton and Conlin Firth respectively played the roles and this will mark the third Kingsman movie they are starring in.

The Secret Service comic books-based movie received quite the criticism in their second sequel due to its James Bond vibe. They were fun and enjoyable, but too silly and relied too much on the action. But it was still a movie you can enjoy and have a good time with.

Vaughn is working with Jane Goldman, his writing partner for the prequel and is set to happen in the early of 20th century. The prequel revolves around the early days of the organization’s establishment and has been given the title, The Great Game.

The prequel is expected to begin filming at the end of this year or the beginning of next year according to an interview of Vaughn when promoting Rocketman (Egerton stars in this movie as well). The next movie, which will serve as the sequel will also become the finale of the Kingsman.

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