Little Koala Joey Is Fitted With A Tiny Cast For Its Broken Arm And Paired With His Mother

It was really tragic for the tiny baby Koala Joey at the Victorian bluegum plantation. The little Joey who was on a tree at the plantation with its mother has a catastrophic fall with its mother and sadly broke its arm while the mother sustained critical injuries.

Considering the tender age of the tiny Koala Joey, survival for Joeys at that age is often critical and if not given the appropriate care, could lead to death. This baby Koala Joey has proven to be quite a fighter and a survival. An animal carer found and brought the baby Joey to the Werribee Open Range Zoo for intensive care.

The tiny 150 days old creature whose weight was barely about half a kilogram was fed through a syringe with marsupial replacement milk. The tender age of the Koala Joey suggest that is should have still been under the protective arm of its mother for further nurturing, however, fate had it that this baby Joey was going to fight through life by itself and with the intensive care by the Werribee Open Range Zoo.

The Koala Joey, whose tiny arm was discovered to have broken after the fall with the aid of an ex-ray, was given a tiny cast to aid in the quick recovery of the broken arm.

A little cast has been fitted for a tiny Koala Joey to help fix its broken arm after a tragic fall from a tree

A stuffed Koala toy in the form of a surrogate mother has been provided for the baby Joey by Ms. Rice to replace the absence of its mother. 

Ms. Rice noted that bonding between a baby Joey and the mother is very essential in their growing up process. The strong surviving Joey has been released to an animal carer as a final recovery phase. It is expected that in about a year from now the tiny Joey will be released back to the wilds.

The baby Joey was released to an animal carer last week as a final recovery phase


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