Man Builds An Amazing Bar In Back Garden Using Wooden Pallets For Just £90

Somewhere in the world,  a legend who had the foresight and the skill has spent time constructing his personal back garden bar with wooden pallets.

Whatever you’ll be drinking at the bar has to very tasty!

Paul Nowak

The brilliant idea came from Paul Nowak – a hobbyist that loves every bit of woodwork. He had managed to collect a load of pallets, Stuff, and trays from a colleague who also owns a pub.

All achieved for just £90, an equivalent of $112.

Paul Nowak

Speaking of how he pulled off the incredible feat of all fresco bar, Paul explained: “It took me a couple of days to the get all of the stuff that I will be needing to knock it together. I’ve always loved woodwork, I should have done it when I left school, but eventually, I never did, not until now.

Paul Nowak

Certainly, during the winter Paul will be needing a patio heater, but once it’s 30% sunny, he definitely will be in for a treat.

“I’d put down some decking in the garden and had always wanted a pallet bar in the garden, so I got some pallets and nailed it together. Paul added.

Paul Nowak

Displaying a touching modesty, the bar appears like a place to spend the sunny weekends without disturbance or a queue. Well, behind the bar, there is a room for a full array of wines, spirits, and beers. While the pumps are not working effectively, yet, they will properly flow freely once fixed.

Perfect! There’s equally a working pallet fronted fridge and inside, there are drinks chilling, preparing for the evening.

Paul Nowak

“I’ll be out there every evening,” Paul stated.

Paul Bar, however, went viral after sharing it in a Facebook Page titled: “Extreme Couponing and Bargains.” It has garnered thousands of likes and numerous comments.

Shepherd Morgan

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