Married Couple Fell In Love With Another Woman And Became A Happy Trio

Since 2012, Simon, 31, and Jodie Reynolds, 30 have been married happily for 7 years and before that, had been dating since high school. They have been together for a total of 17 years before Natasha Bee, 31, from Northern Territory entered into their relationship.

Jodie and Simon Reynolds with Natasha Bee, their girlfriend.

Jodie confesses that she was ‘drawn to her energy’ when she was on lingerie shopping. The trio became best friends after Jodie introduced her to Simon and in January 2019, they all confessed to each other.

Yes, all three to each other and everyone said yes to the poly-amorous triad. It has been six months since then and everything has been going well.

There ‘has been some jealousy’ but Simon claims they have worked through them well.

“We are as dedicated and in love with each other as we have ever been, but this relationship has definitely challenged us,” says Simon who works as an engineer in an interview with DailyMail.

“Jodie and I have been together for more of our lives than we have been apart, and neither of us has ever known a relationship with anybody else. This definitely causes some high emotions at times; we have all experienced jealousy and it takes a lot of communication and reassurance to overcome these feelings,” he added.

“We are not perfect at this and are working to constantly improve how we handle these situations.”

Simon also explained how he and Jodie met and how they’ve never been with anyone ever since.

“Jodie and I met at high school: met one day, I asked her out the next. We have been together ever since. We have had a fantastic marriage and we’ve always worked together with everything. We were always considered the high school sweetheart couple; we have grown into adults together and evolved,” said Simon.

He went on with how the married couple met Natasha in 2018.

“Jodie met Tash at Honey Birdette whilst looking for lingerie. Tash had an energy that immediately drew Jodie to her. Tash has a knack for empowering women and lifting them up to make them feel beautiful.

“After a few visits, I came into the store and we all became friends. Tash has said that she fell in love with our relationship first, and the adoration and respect she could see between us.

“When we met Tash and developed feelings it was a scary time, but the feelings we all had and how well we flowed together couldn’t be ignored.”

“It can be very difficult when people are searching for a person to fit into their relationship like this. We never wanted Tash to change to fit a role we were trying to fill, but instead to mold all our relationships around each of us individually,” he added.

He also defines their relationship as 4 distinct ones: Jodie and him, Jodie and Tash, him and Tash and then three of them as one. He admits all these relationships require nurturing and time to be cared for.

“We are trying to create a non-hierarchical relationship between the three of us so that we are all considered equals. This is definitely challenging because Jodie and I have a family and history together, and the three of us currently don’t live together.

“However, this is what we are striving towards. It takes a tremendous amount of understanding and communication. We aren’t perfect at it, but we are all dedicated to trying,” Simon said.

The three of them confessed to each other early this year around New Year. And a few months ago, the trio came out to their family and friends. Tash immediately told her friends and family. Of course, some people had hard times trying to grasp what exactly they meant.

Their end goal will be to live and be happy together.

Isabelle Ross

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