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Netflix’s The Society is The New Lord of Flies + Pied Piper


Netflix’s The Society is The New Lord of Flies + Pied Piper

Generally Lord of the Flies, but with Pied Piper twist.

Minor spoilers exist below, so proceed with concern.

It’s safe to say that within the dangerous permissible of the New Ham, the teenagers are thrown into a situation similar to Lord of Flies. Netflix new original series features a group of teenagers from the wealthy town of West Ham that had to return early from their trip.

Upon returning, they found out that they have been transported into a different world. It looks like their town, but nobody else, including their parents, can be found.

Well, it’s safe to say that at this point, we could guess largely what was going to happen; the ensuing chaos, uncontrollable fluctuation of hormones, and the struggle for power and dominance. It’s not a new concept and there are movies who tried to tackle the theme with different background stories. But even from the plot, people can easily confirm that this is Lord of the Flies all over again but with more blood and morally questionable actions.

By loki11 – Anno MCCLXXXIV AM DAGE JOHANNI ET PAULI SCH.& S.H., Public Domain, Link

But diving into the episodes further, people are beginning to see the correlation of this story to the Pied Piper from Hamelin. The record dates back into 1300 and tells the story of a man in ‘pied’ or multicolored uniform who blows his magic pipe to chase out rats from Hamelin.

But to the residents who refuse to show gratitude by paying him, he uses his magic pipe to lure their children away instead.

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The children were never seen again. Some say all 130 children were lost in a cave, others say the piper led them to a lake and drown them as he did to the rats. The only ones left were crippled, deaf and blind children. Nobody knew the truth behind the stories.

Now, see this: the town has long been plagued with a foul stench since the beginning of the episode (rats in old Hamelin). The bus driver has been requesting payment from the mayor for removing the smell, but he refused (mayor in Hamelin refused to pay the Pied Piper and even accused him of extortion). Said driver was also the person who drove the kids to and fro their vacation (luring children out of town and never seen again).

The only difference is that The Society is also including a deaf student, which actually survived the Pied Piper’s luring because he would be unable to hear the music to follow.

Back to the theory, so the drive is also called Pfeifer which is German for Piper. Bulls.

So, there you go. If you have been wondering whether or not to binge this show for the weekend, you have the gist of what kind of movie to expect especially if you don’t mind the minor spoilers.

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