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OnePlus 7 Pro: The New High-Spec Contender


OnePlus 7 Pro: The New High-Spec Contender

OnePlus 7 Pro upped their game – AMOLED display with 90 Hz refresh rate will spoil you rotten.

2019 saw some highly expected high-spec phones, such as Huawei P30, Galaxy S10, Zenfone 6, and of course, OnePlus 7 Pro.

OnePlus has been making affordable flagship smartphones, but they could barely compete with others in terms of speed, display, camera, design, etc. But this time, OnePlus 7 Pro releases their most expensive flagship ever, costing at $669.

People are hype about the phone and they have all the rights to be so. First of all, the phone boasts AMOLED 90Hz refresh rate display, giving you the smoothest, most satisfying look ever. It has that clarity that will really spoil you to the point you don’t want to go back anymore.

Next would be the bezeless and curvy 6.67″ display with edges to boot. Now, some people don’t really like their phone to have these curves that crack really easily. But the bezeless is just perfect and you have your ear speaker on top of the screen. And yes, it’s huge.

Snapdragon 855 guarantees high-speed processing for the phone and this is equipped with 12 GB RAM that will make your multitasking so much easier.

It has waterproof resistance, but the company has not yet specified the IP rating for it, although they do show the smartphone being dropped into a bucket of water. And here’s another reviewer dropping the phone into a jug of water:

Dave Lee reviewing the OnePlus 7 Pro.

Another great feature about the 7 Pro is the OxygenOS which is also based on Android 9.0 (Pie). Now, we see a lot of other smartphones jamming your new gadgets with junks and bloatware. It’s another thing if we get to delete them, but most of the time, we’re actually stuck with them.

OnePlus 7 Pro has a very clean OS – you don’t see too many stuffs hanging around your phone when you turn it on for the first time. It has very smooth interface and overall easy operation.

The problem with this phone aside from the edge (which some people don’t like) would be the battery life. Sure, OnePlus 7 Pro comes with 4,000 mAh battery capacity, but the AMOLED display burns through the battery like wildfire. Especially if you set it on 90 Hz all the time.

Apparently, you can switch it to 60 Hz, but to be honest, what’s the point? You paid $669 for it and it doesn’t seem right to go for 60 just because you want it on longer. The company has spoken up that they are working on an adaptive refresh rate to tackle the battery life issue. Thankfully, it’s got fast charging and full charge might take about an hour the longest.

OnePlus flagship products have also been known to be the phone for those who hate taking pictures. The make terrible cameras, but this time, they did a pretty decent job in balancing their camera, AMOLED screen, and budget.

Although, it is still relying on the pop-up motorized mechanism, which falls behind the flipping camera from Zenfone 6. The pop-up camera is also too slow for face unlock, which makes the on-screen fingerprint preferable.

Conclusion: It’s super fast, has a satisfying screen but burns through your battery like no tomorrow and not suitable for face unlock.

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