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Power Season 6: The Final Betrayal Is Arriving This Summer to Starz and Netflix

Yes, you heard that right. The long-running crime-themed TV show that suddenly gained so many fans after they can be finally streamed on Netflix is coming back! You will be able to stream the new episodes from August 25 on Netflix or watch them on Starz.

Credits: @Power_STARZ on Twitter

The news of them returning back for a new season brings a smile to a lot of fans.

Previously, an unfortunate accident fell on one of the crew member late December last year. The Parking Production Assistant of the show, Pedro Jimenez was killed after being hit by an SUV while setting up cones in Brooklyn for the shoot at 4.30 am. Jimenez has been with the team since day one of the Power series and his death shut down the filming of the new season.

The filming was put on halt until at least early this year in respect of the Jimenez family. The driver of the Ford that killed Jimenez was also a crew member, although none of the stars was present on set since their call time was not until 7 am.

Power has always had their new season air on either June or July, but due to the incident last year, the show had to postpone and air in August.

The new season goes with the title “The Final Betrayal” which sent a lot of fans the worry that this might be the last one.

The word ‘final’ probably convinced a lot of people, but Starz replied with a positive note, indicating that there might be more in store after season 6.


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