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Robert Downey Jr. And Upcoming Marvel Movies: Will He Return?


Robert Downey Jr. And Upcoming Marvel Movies: Will He Return?

Will RDJ continue to reprise his roles as Iron Man in more MCU movies? Check out the facts!

It’s safe to say MCU fans walk out of the theater with tears and unbelievable shock. It was a first for such a famous franchise of superheroes to feature not-so-happy endings for his powerful characters. If you haven’t watched the Endgame, by the way, guess what.

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Okay, here we go.

With Scott Lang’s help, the heroes traveled back in time to get the stones again. While Nebula did warn that Gamora did not return when Thanos got the Soul Stone, she didn’t know the ritual (or so we are made to believe) regarding what it cost to get the Soul Stone.

Black Widow and Hawkeye fought just to get a chance to throw themselves into the pit and alas, Black Widow won (or lose?). Hawkeye got the stone. At the end of the final cosmic battle, Thanos’ soldiers and himself were snapped by Tony Stark which, in return, damaged his body in such a way.

So, they are both dead and Banner did mention he couldn’t snap Natasha back (although they manage to get another Gamora back from the past).

This ending brings us to wonder: Will RDJ ever play or reprise his role gain in any MCU movie in the future? It is very likely that his role has come to a closure.

Spider-man: Far From Home

Although he most probably won’t star in any movie, the next MCU movie will feature a sequel revolving around Tom Holland’s character, Peter Parker. The boy saw Iron Man as a father figure (sorry, Uncle Ben) and his death did blow a shock to him. It is a film that has Iron Man’s influence everywhere, even with the arrival of a Prince from an alternate world.

Tom Holland warning about spoilers. How cute.

We see Peter Parker ghosting Nick Fury, getting dragged into an alternate world war and learning to rise as a young hero. While Endgame doesn’t have an end-credit scene, we can be sure that Spider-man: Far From Home is going to feature mid-credit and end-credit scenes.

But the small hint dropped in this movie gave the biggest hope to viewers: Mysterio came from another universe and this gave Peter an idea. There is a multiverse. Let me leave you there.

Black Widow standalone movie

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Marvel Studios

It’s been confirmed that Scarlett Johansson will be back to play her deadly female assassin who met an untimely demise in the Endgame. However, a lot of people find this slightly weird considering they just ended The Avengers series with Black Widow dead about 40% of the movie.

Her standalone will most probably depict her life as an assassin, growing up and being recruited by Hawkeye. But seeing the way the timeline goes, the producers will have a lot of work to do to make this work. Although I have to admit, I want to see her in action again but without being shadowed by Captain Marvel blasting everything, Thor summoning lightning everywhere, and Scarlet Witch basically winning the battle on her own.

Black Widow movie hasn’t had yet a released date, but it will definitely happen.

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