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Rock Shares Tribute as Jumanji 3 is Totally Filmed


Rock Shares Tribute as Jumanji 3 is Totally Filmed

From the top mountains-down-to-the-jungle-and-desert, Jumanji 3 is totally filmed!  The popular actor, Dwayne Johnson also known as The Rock has been updating fans on every steps taken while filming the movie. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle Sequel started in late January and was concluded its Atlanta part in April before continuing to other locations than we actually saw in Welcome to the Jungle.

What an Honor?

Jumanji 3

The movie star – The Rock however honored the final end of the movie by taking a perfect shot of the four main characters – walking off into the sunsets.  Nice! Avatar Franklin Finbar – Kelvin Hart was on the far left, next to Avatar Dr. Smolder Bravestone – The Rock, with Professor Sheldon Oberon – Jack Black and Ruby Roundhouse –Karen Gillan. Indeed with same old costume from welcome to the jungle – Hmmm! Certainly there will be some news costumes in Jumanji 3, most especially as they had to go into icy climates.  


As in no Jumanji 4

From the picture, I wonder if that walk implies this is finally over, I mean over, as in there is no Jumanji 4. Well can’t conclude yet, we will be on the watch!!!

Plots Trailers & Release Date

It was somewhat surprising to hear that the four high school kid from Welcome to the Jungle would be back after what we saw happened in the movie. These four children as well as interesting newcomers would be featuring in Jumanji 3 – Awkafina, Danny Devito, Dania Ramirez and Danny Glover. Are these four the new players? Yes or No, can’t say as no details has been shared about characters.

Nevertheless, the movie is scheduled to open in December 2019, specifically would be ready for the cinema on the 13th. Currently, there’s no trailer, official photos as well as details on the movie, but we sure believe it would be awesome!

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