Schoolboy, 15, Who Stunned In A Pink Dress Is Crowned Prom Queen By Classmates

A 15-year old boy, who wore a pink dress designed by him for a School Leavers’ Party has been crowned the ‘Prom Queen’ by his fellow classmates.

Xavier Parkins with his mother Sharnee was crowned prom queen after he wore a pink dress to his school leavers’ party.

Xavier Parkins, a student from Derby had spent about 6 hours preparing for the occasion. He got a full face of make-up done and wore a blonde wig to compliment his look.

Xavier Parkins with friends Junafe, and Amber

The party, which was met for Pupils from Lees Brook Community School witnessed Xavier wearing a short pink strapless gown – attached with a long veil-tail like the design at the back and a heel for the event at Pride Park Stadium.

Xavier, with his brothers Orlando and Ziggy

Xavier attended the party with a group of his friends on an Arriva Bus and snapped pictures with friends outside the venue.

Xavier was voted Queen by his classmates and his mother said ‘it took a lot of courage for them to come out and support him’

His friends who supported Xavier, idea equally wore beautiful dresses for the occasion as they celebrate leaving school.

While he had earlier admitted that It’s kind-of-scary- to dress in drag in front of his other classmates for the first time, Xavier revealed he, however, did feel amazing later on.

Sharnee Parkins, 45, the mother who had also shared a video of Xavier on Facebook explained how her son had hoped to be awarded best dress at the school leaver’s party, adding that since it isn’t judged on gender, her son was very delighted to have been crowned Prom Queen.

Sharnee, who is a mother of four children, also revealed Xavier classmates reached a consensus on who was going to win the award – making Xavier’s outfit even more touching.

‘I’m totally humbled, I can’t imagine where you get the courage at the age of 15 to do that, it is so brave. It was his peers who voted for him, which is an accolade because it takes a lot of courage for them to come out and support it as well.’ She said.

Xavier wins Prom Queen after dressing in drag

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