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2 Women Hospitalized For Using Vacuum Hose To End Periods Early


2 Women Hospitalized For Using Vacuum Hose To End Periods Early

They went into shock.

Periods are horrible. Women have to bleed every month and it can really play with your mood during the week. They can also cause massive cramp pain that just seals you to your bed for the day. There are even cases of women who have to skip classes, works and even pass out from cramp pain.

Two women from Seattle probably decided they have had enough of this crap: they don’t want to be plagued with periods any longer. So, they chose to rely on ‘Menstrual Extraction’. A nurse confirms the ending of these two women.

A nurse from Seattle tweeted this.

So, we have a lot of questions. A LOT.

First of all, what causes this trend to begin at all? A DIY article popped up that suggests women can end their period in 20 minutes.

Image result for vacuum cleaner with hose
Can this be the ‘solution’ to periods?

Yeah, you can suck out all that dirty blood in 20 minutes and not die.

The article ended by suggesting that women should have ‘full ownership’ of their body which, unfortunately, involves injecting the idea that ‘Hey, you should use a vacuum cleaner which is completely harmless.

Uh-huh, no, baby girl. You won’t just be sucking blood with a Dyson vacuum cleaner – your body goes into shock from the heavy flow of blood, it will continue pulling your insides, such as your uterus and vagina walls, causing damages to them. You can die from blood loss and maybe won’t be able to have sex for a really long time.

The two women mentioned earlier went into shock and was admitted into the hospital. The nurse says that they were lucky to not have died from what they did.

Your period happened that long because your body knows how much you can handle. Your hormone is making sure that it’s shed little by little and only if you find the pain unbearable or your bleeding excessive should you sick for medical help.

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