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Starbucks Launches Color Changing Magical Cups

The coffee chain, Starbucks certainly knows how to remain in the news. Recently, the popularly known coffee chain announced a new tropical Dragon Drink as well as the comeback of S’more Frappuccino on its Menu list. According to fans, the new tropical Dragon Drink must have resulted from the ongoing Game of Throne Season 8 shows. Nevertheless, customers are super excited about the new brand of cups that changes color.  Starbucks revealed that the launching of the changing magical cups is to counter the spread of plastic garbage.

What does the cup look like?

However, the changing color magical cups are currently available in a pack of five with different colors. The straws and lids attached to cups are available in Teal, Sky, Apricot, Citron, and Rose. 

Are the cup widely available?

Certainly No, the cups are only sold in USA and Canda. And with the cup has gotten quite popular among Starbucks customers, it is reported to have gone out of stock – particularly in major Starbucks outlets. To this effect, other intending customers, as well as fans of the popular coffee chain, stormed their different social media platforms to display their disappointment due to the shortage of the changing magical cups.

How do the cups work?

Changing Color Magical Cups

Since fans are disappointed, representatives from the company have promised to restore the cups to the market as soon as possible. Additionally, the changing color magical cups are temperature sensitive. Once you pour in beverages – depending on the temperature (Hot, Very Hot, Warm, Mild, or Cold), the cups change color in the following sequence:

It changes from Citron to Emerald, Rose to Coral, Teal to Raspberry, Sky to Cobalt, Apricot to Tangerine and to purchase the cup, it cost $16.96 USD.  Due to the high demand of these cups, it is now resold for a minimum of $90 and above.


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