The Blue Spix’s Macaw Parrot Seen In The Movie ‘Rio’ Is Now Extinct

The World is currently responding to the news that about 8 bird species have officially been regarded extinct.

And our very vibrant blue species, widely recognized as the Spix’s Macaw might be among the species on the list after featuring as a character in the Movie ‘Rio’.

Have you seen the movie ‘Rio’?

Combined, 8 bird species have been regarded extinct

Discovered through a statistical analysis conducted by BirdLife International, the birds include the Poo-Uli, the bright blue Spix’s macaw, the Pernambuco Pygmy-owl, the Cryptic Treehuner, and numerous other bird species.

If you can remember Blu from the animated movie, “Rio” in 2011

Inner Splendor

Quite sad and coincident, Blu had always thought he was the last of his species.

The Image here is the Spix’s Macaw Couple

Getty Images | Patrick Pleul

But wait, why the sad news? What’s the cause of these species going into extinction?

The major reason these birds have lost their presence is as a result of massive deforestation

In time past, most bird extinction has resulted from species attacking birds or through hunting.

This, however not the case of the species recognized to be extinct

The researchers opined that deforestation in South America was the just cause of the extinctions.

And now, the world is not happy about the sad news

Watching the animated movie now is not helping in solving the sadness

It’s difficult not to be angry once innocent wildlife are being ruined by humans

We can equally task ourself do something better!!

Owen Cooper

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