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The Kind Of FaceApp Use We Have Been Waiting For


The Kind Of FaceApp Use We Have Been Waiting For

52-year-old Duke Nukem who was born in 1967.

FaceApp is trending again with another filter. Previously it was the app responsible for all the ridiculous face swap that has sent people laughing to death (hyperbole). It’s 2.5 years old, but the fun we get from it doesn’t end. Now, everyone can’t stop making everyone look old.

While some people are too worried because the app is made in Russia (which has sent America’s Congress to draft an investigation on the app), there are people you can safely FaceApp without fear of privacy infringement.

Video game characters.

And, oh boy, it is so fun because unlike us who will grow old one day assuming no Thanos comes to snap half of us to dust, these characters don’t always grow old. Which makes it all the more fun to see what kind of old men and women they’ll turn out.

Especially for really old games.

“FaceApp Challenge: Destiny Edition.”

Zavala (Destiny) Source: ItsDJ/Twitter
Ikora (Destiny) Source: ItsDJ/Twitter
Mara (Destiny) Source: ItsDJ/Twitter
Saladin (Destiny) Source: ItsDJ/Twitter

“Duke Nukem 2019.”

Duke Nukem (Duke Nukem) Source: Prism Gaming UK/Twitter

“Gordon Freeman in Half-Life 3.”

Gordon Freeman (Half-Life) Source: Nikhil/Twitter

“Final Fantasy VII, 50-year reunion. #AgeChallenge #FaceApp #toosoon?”

Cloud (Final Fantasy VII) Source: Final Fantasy Union/Twitter
Barret (Final Fantasy VII) Source: Final Fantasy Union/Twitter
Tifa (Final Fantasy VII) Source: Final Fantasy Union/Twitter

“Me introducing my future kids and grandkids to the Zelda series.”

Link and Zelda (The Legend of Zelda) Source: Katie Beth/Twitter

“Red Dead Retraité: Arthur Morgan #faceappchallenge.”

Arthur Morgan (Red Dead) Source: GTA Network France/Twitter

“Kratos 20 years later :/”

Kratos (God of War) Source: Ayhan Gümüşalan/Twitter

“MGS4 Old Snake but with FaceApp filter is basically Angry Harrison Ford.”

Snake (Metal Gear Solid) Source: Kaidan Tonio/Twitter

“When it’s the year 2060, and you’re still playing StreetFighter.”

Ryu and Ken (Street Fighter) Source: ONE Esports/Twitter

“Geralt of Rivia retirement home.”

Geralt (The Witcher) Source: Prism Gaming UK/Twitter

“The fact that #FaceApp is working flawless with Nathan Drake shows how realistic he is in the game.”

Nathan Drake (Uncharted) Source: Random French Dude/Twitter

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