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The Russo Brothers Finally Tell Us Gamora’s Fate Since After


The Russo Brothers Finally Tell Us Gamora’s Fate Since After

Russo brothers answered the question regarding Gamora’s fate.

Fans were pretty convinced that Zoe Saldana’s character will be completely gone throughout the Endgame movie. Several theories pop up, including one that explains how Gamora is to be forever stuck inside the Soul Stone.

And sure enough, midway through the movie, Thanos destroyed the Infinity Stones and subsequently killed by Thor.

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But with the time heist, our team of superheroes manages to travel back in time and with a few mistakes here and there, Thanos and his two daughters traveled to the future. This brings old Gamora from 2014 who was not yet part of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

It was easy to convince her against her father the Mad Titan, but it was not easy for her to adjust to the time leap. Among it was how she doesn’t have any family, yet and at the end of Tony’s funeral, Gamora was nowhere to be seen. Nobody knows where she went, not Quill and not even Nebula.

Joe Russo spoke up about Gamora’s fate, “We don’t know whether she was dusted or whether she survived. That’s probably a question that Guardians [3] will answer.”

It wasn’t clear if Tony’s final snap dusted Gamora, brought her back to her time, or if it was completely irrelevant. Since Tony’s snap effectively reduced his whole fleet of armies to dust, there is a probability Gamora was included. But, let’s be honest, that would be such a lame end where we don’t even get to see her gone.

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It’s highly probably that Zoe Saldana will return to reprise the same character in the next installment of Guardians of the Galaxy. If that happens, we’ll see Gamora doing a lot of adjustments to her new family and the possibility for the rise of the Asgardians of the Galaxy (poke Thor’s joke at the end of Endgame).

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